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Jack the Ripper: the Banishing

In 1888 a series of ferociously horrific murders in the East End of London shocked Victorian Britain and quickly the rest of the world. Both the Metropolitan Police and Scotland Yard were overwhelmed by both the frequency of the attacks and the intense scrutiny which came with the new age of inexpensive mass-circulation newspapers and magazines. The fledgling media, hungry for details to shock and titillate their readership, whipped the world into a frenzy of terror with a mixture of fact, rumour and fabrication which muddied the waters further for the investigation. They seized upon a name signed on one of hundreds of fake letters sent to the police claiming to be from the murderer, a name which is invoked to this day by a modern media eager to sell more editions.


Between 3 April 1888 to 13 February 1891 eleven separate murders were committed in the East End of London. Of these, five were linked by the press and police due to similarities of weapon used and the wounds inflicted, these became known as the canonical five victims of ‘Jack the Ripper’. There is a growing theory that a single ‘Jack’ never existed and the widely publicised weapon and modus operandi were ceased upon by criminals in the area to allow them to murder with impunity. Jack the Ripper is a fabrication of the media, empowered and perpetuated to this day by the Tourist Industry. The time has come to seperate out the murders and put the ‘Jack the Ripper’ meme to rest

On the 31 August 2013, 125 years to the day after the first of the canonical five murders, The Psychogeographical Commission visited the five Nicholas Hawksmoor Churches which form a giant pentagram in the East End of London. At each one we buried a large nail engraved with the name of one of the victims to link them with that Church and performed a small banishing ritual. The Churches were visited in such an order as to charge the larger banishing pentagram creating a greater ritual to allow the overhyped mythology of the Ripper to be returned to its five major component parts and dispelled.

DVDr(PAL) release in slimline DVD case packaging

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Urban Psychetecture

The Psychogeographical Commission's latest release is a free to download album called 'Urban Psychetecture'. It contains a selection of tracks off their first two albums as well as a few previously unreleased covers

1.Antenociticus reawakens
2.The Lost Rivers of London
3.Gutterbright to the Starres
4.Alphalude 6
5.In Every Dream Home a Heartache
6.Fires of London
7.Fertile Omnipitence of the Underside
8.Hotel Room
9.Have you ever?
11.Alphalude 7
12.Meet you in the Subway
13.The Ones Who Walked Before
14.Walking with Omega

Total time: 66Mins

Free to download from Bandcamp


This recording documents a journey around the inner circle of the Glasgow Subway system which travels in an anticlockwise direction (widdershins), a constant banishing ritual performed daily upon the whole of the west side of Glasgow.

Total time: 24Mins

miniCD release in 8cm DVD case packaging
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Digital Download + PDF artwork available at Bandcamp

Patient Zero

The Psychogeographical Commission's second album is an attempt to psychologically portray the mind of a Patient Zero wandering through their Urban surroundings infected with a solar disease at the Summer Solstice and tracking the advancement of symptoms as the sun goes from the height of it's earthly power to it's astronomical nadir.
Written throughout the six month period at times of lunar or solar significance, each song portrays a thought, experience or mood of the time and place of it's conception, a true record of the Sun's dark passenger.

01 - Antenociticus reawakens
02 - Beneath the bricks a wave + Alphaville 1
03 - Can you feel it?
04 - EARTH + Alphaville2
05 - Enochian on the wall + Alphaville 3
06 -
07 - Fertile omnipotence of the underside
08 - Gutterbright to the starres
09 - The darkness in light
10 - Twenty seven openings + Alphaville 4
11 - Walking with Omega

Total time: 63Mins

CD release in slimline DVD case packaging

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Price Including Postage

Digital Downloads available at Bandcamp

Genius Loci

Named after the Roman mythological 'Spirit of the Place' the Psychogeographical Commission's debut album attempts to explore further the Psychogeographical nature of our built environment and is therefore written to be played whilst interacting with a city, but it sounds equally great on a stereo.

01 - The fires of London
02 - Camden Book of the Dead
03 - Have you ever?
04 - Where roots think of the child
05 - Spare thoughts
06 - The Ones who walked before
07 - Genius Loci
08 - Certain shifting angles
09 - OK commuter

Total time: 53Mins

Remastered CD release in slimline DVD case packaging

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Price Including Postage

Digital Downloads available at Bandcamp

Special edition 'Map book' CDR pack (limited to 250)


Sacredly Silver & Equally Gold

A 3-cd digipack tribute to the musick of Coil.
Featuring alongside us: Electric Sewer Age, zK, Testing Vault, Kristus Kut, Human Nihil, Kalte Rippchen and Adam Stalker, and many others

Limited to 300 copies

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Abraxas 2

A joint venture between Treadwell’s and Fulgur, Abraxas is a independent journal of historical and contemporary occultism. Through its pages will be manifest the voices of working occult experience and the visions of esoteric artists, alongside keen insights of original scholarly research.
The second edition (Summer Solstice 2011) contains the CDs 'Tesserae' compiled by Gavin Semple.

Arktau Eos - Aot-Ro-Oot
1. John Contreras - Over the Treetops*
2. Cyclobe - The Unknowable Index (Extract from Sleeper)
3. English Heretic - 240 Hours
4. High Mountain Tempel - The Goddess (Slight Return)
5. Kallee - BesMass
6. Philip Legard - Bet Sant yn Diuant abet Allawr
7. Noko: Order 41 - The Fascinator (Abraxas Mix)
8. Okok Research?Bureau - The Sinister Pearl
9. Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule ft. Orchestra-ted Chaos - She Shall Ride He
10. The Psychogeographical Commission - Gutterbright to the Starres
11. Raagnagrok - Quince Essence
12. TAGC - The Inhabitants of Nemirion

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"Plural bacteria: Any of a large group of one-celled organisms that lack a cell nucleus, reproduce by fission or by forming spores, and in some cases cause disease. They are the most abundant lifeforms on Earth, and are found in all living things and in all of the Earth's environments. Bacteria usually live off other organisms. Bacteria make up most of the kingdom of prokaryotes (Monera or Prokaryota), with one group (the archaea or archaebacteria) often classified as a separate kingdom. See also archaeonprokaryote.

1. Cheapmachines - Culture
2. Column One - Cindy, Loraine & Hank
3. DDAA - Verdeter
4. Dieter Müh - Bacteria 2 (Live)
5. Maison Close - Filoviridae Mutatis
6. Mnem - Invisible Organism
7. N.Strahl.N - Plasma-Spaltung (Geburt)
8. Josef Nadek - Yersinia Pestis
9. Schuster - The Scattering Of Bones - Place & Call (Klebsiella)
10. Praying For Oblivion - ALH84001
11. The Psychogeographical Commission - Pathogenic Suspenson
12. Sevan Oh - Natural Unit

Packaging: 4-fold Digipak with 12-page colour booklet

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Torture Garden

Torture Garden - A Shinto Records Experimental Compilation

01 Post Abortion Stress - Outside The Void
02 e.g.:- Black Grass
03 Twisted Subterranean Death Trap - Settle Down
04 Phantoms Of The SS - Everything That Rises Must Converge (Triazolam Mix)
05 Mutcer - Buhloon
06 Schultz - Today
05 iN [s]CissorS - Broken Fingers (Interlude)
06 Life's Decay - Swanics
07 Maldito Mutante - 1984
08 Protea - Mau Bast
09 Sadore - Soul's Rattle
10 Strange Walls - Black Mold
11 The Psychogeographical Commission - Have You Ever?
12 Justin Tharpe - Implication
13 Barbarossa Umtrunk - Wolfen
14 15 Degrees Below Zero - Ticking Down The Moments
15 DBPIT - Homesick
16 Eigenstate - Blood And Semen
16 Scapegoat - Attainment Of The Death Posture
17 Z.O.T.E. - Parasitar
18 Trama afonA - [de]Solo
19 1 Phantom - We Are The Sound Of Falling Angels (Heaven version featuring Zoe Sakti)

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Psychogeographical Commission Pendants in a gun metal finish, each with a unique background and a Rolo Style Chain

Choice of three styles
£5 + £1 P+P (Worldwide)

Round Oval