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The Psychogeographical Commission

The Psychogeographical Commission was formed at the start of 2008 to explore the many interfaces between the built environment and the people who inhabit it through dérive, magick and sonic experimentation.
After a great deal of time wandering the back streets of London and other large cities looking for the spirits which now dwell within them, we came to the conclusion that the psychological make-up of cities is now at odds with the populations inherent rural based mythology. People aren't evolving to cope with cities fast enough to keep up with the constantly shifting cityscape.
To start approaching a remedy for this we set about creating music which blurs the line between the real and imagined landscapes in order to allow individuals to revaluate their own mythologies and provide new ideas to bring them closer to harmony with their urban surroundings.


In 1888 a series of ferociously horrific murders in the East End of London shocked Victorian Britain and quickly the rest of the world. Both the Metropolitan Police and Scotland Yard were overwhelmed by both the frequency of the attacks and the intense scrutiny which came with the new age of inexpensive mass-circulation newspapers and magazines. The fledgling media, hungry for details to shock and titillate their readership, whipped the world into a frenzy of terror with a mixture of fact, rumour and fabrication which muddied the waters further for the investigation. They seized upon a name signed on one of hundreds of fake letters sent to the police claiming to be from the murderer, a name which is invoked to this day by a modern media eager to sell more editions.


Between 3 April 1888 to 13 February 1891 eleven separate murders were committed in the East End of London. Of these, five were linked by the press and police due to similarities of weapon used and the wounds inflicted, these became known as the canonical five victims of ‘Jack the Ripper’. There is a growing theory that a single ‘Jack’ never existed and the widely publicised weapon and modus operandi were ceased upon by criminals in the area to allow them to murder with impunity. Jack the Ripper is a fabrication of the media, empowered and perpetuated to this day by the Tourist Industry. The time has come to seperate out the murders and put the ‘Jack the Ripper’ meme to rest

On the 31 August 2013, 125 years to the day after the first of the canonical five murders, The Psychogeographical Commission visited the five Nicholas Hawksmoor Churches which form a giant pentagram in the East End of London. At each one we buried a large nail engraved with the name of one of the victims to link them with that Church and performed a small banishing ritual. The Churches were visited in such an order as to charge the larger banishing pentagram creating a greater ritual to allow the overhyped mythology of the Ripper to be returned to its five major component parts and dispelled.

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